Pipacs Spelt Bread

Pipacs Spelt Bread

Spelt wheat or spelt (triticum spelta) has been discovered again in the heat of the whole food movement. It’s production, along with the ancient einkorn wheat, dates back to thousand, may be tens of thousands of years. It’s unaltered, untamed genetical heritage traces back to the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia. Spelt is becoming more popular in agriculture across Europe, providing a super flour for a line of different kinds of breads.

By no surprise, as it contains an admirable amount of B vitamins, phosphorus, iron and zinc, essential for the body.

Spelt bread is the one and only hundred per cent whole wheat bread in our production. The so called „Frankenkorn” version of spelt, stone milled in an organic stone mill by miller master Lajos Lipták of Murony (Hungary), is leavened by a sour dough fermented from pure spelt flour too. This is the only bread in our bakery, which contains no wheat flour of the common wheat (triticum aestivum). It has an unmistakeable taste, a seducing smell, soft, but bread crust, with a airy crumb with many small holes. It’s fans swear it’s the best choice. We love it too.