Pipacs Milk Loaf

Pipacs Milk Loaf

Since the beginning of modern times the finest wheat flour has been used for folding milk loaf or scone enriched with milk, butter, eggs, prepared with yeast, to highlight celebrations and special days. This irresistible bakery product should have an extremely soft, airy crumb and a sweet taste. This has been the character, that we wanted to resurrect, when we’ve found the right recipe and technique for the Pipacs Milk Loaf.

It takes the right proportion of butter, milk, eggs, cane sugar, a little sour dough and a little yeast, and a long leaving cycle, to get that soft, vanilla coloured inside and the airy crumb.

We use our trademarked milk loaf recipe to prepare plain scone and scone with raisins and a third type with chunks of chocolate, supplying all its ingredients from organic sources.

We only make milk loaves from Monday thru Thursday!