Pipacs 4-Seed-Bread

Pipacs 4 Seed Bread

We take the dough of our white & whole wheat bread, and enrich it with flaxseedsesame seedpoppy seed and sunflower seed, creating a unique taste composition, not to mention its singular nutritional value. Flaxseed is the best known source of essential fatty acids, facilitating brain functions and reducing cholesterol level, optimal for even diet of patients of cardiovascular illnesses. Sesame seed is one of the richest source of minerals on earth, like calcium, vitamin E-, B1-, B2-, D, phosphorus acid, lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids to reduce cholesterol level and blood pressure. Sunflower seed contains fatty acids too, and also helps digestion, and avoiding cardiovascular illnesses. Poppy seed strengthens the bones, and cures spasm of the stomach and the digesting system, also cleaning the intestines.